We have received a total of 180 applications, which were internally scrutinized by our advisory team based on criteria set by the KPMG in India team.

It took more than 3 weeks for a team of 2 senior and 2 junior professionals to go through these applications and to finalize 90+ applications from around 60+ companies. The team also took efforts to follow up for pending documents from several selected companies.

The interaction went on for 2 weeks. In the meanwhile, the team also went through the websites of the companies and other information available online to cross check the facts presented by the companies. Finally, the team called some senior industry members/association heads to verify some pending information and credentials. After all due checks, we are ensured of the worthiness of the companies for the awards.

While we received applications from some of the best and largest of the companies, we were surprised and delighted to receive applications from many unknown quarters. We have received applications from several small companies which are into product innovation; several reasonably larger companies, which are still unknown to many; and several companies from remote areas in the country. These companies did not fear losing to others, submitting their financials and were not skeptical about the advantages of the awards.

At the same time, there were many big corporates who remained skeptical and did not apply for the awards.

Depending upon the number of applications; the awards may be sub-categorized by metals and/ or by turnover.

Some companies are being considered and maybe added later on.

The applications, along with collaterals and final chart of summary and grading, have now been sent to the jury for their rankings and comments.

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The titles/categories and number of finalists is listed below;

1. Best Performing Company [7 Finalists]
2. Fastest Growing Company (Emerging Company) [11 Finalists]
3. Best Recycler [6 Finalists]
4. Best Break-through / IT Technology [4 Finalists]
5. Best Innovative Product [9 Finalists]
6. Best Export Performance (Emerging Company) [6 Finalists]
7. Best Renewable Energy Initiative [1 Finalist]
8. Best Sustainability Practices [6 Finalists]
9. Individual Excellence – Lifetime Achievement (Jury) [9 Finalists]
10. Individual Excellence – CEO of the Year [6 Finalists]
11. Individual Excellence – Young Entrepreneur (Emerging Company) [7 Finalists]
12. International – Excellence in Technology/ Recycling [4 Finalists]
13. International – Fastest Growing Company [3 Finalists]
14. International – Entrepreneur [3 Finalists]
15. International – Young Entrepreneur [3 Finalists]
16. International – Lifetime Achievement (Jury) [1 Finalist]
17. Jury Award under the following category (For Large Scale Units):

  • Best Performing Company (Secondary Producer
  • Best Performing Company (Primary)
  • Industry Leadership Award (Primary)
  • Public Sector Enterprise(Secondary Producer)
  • Public Sector Enterprise (User Industry)
  • Private Sector End (User Industry)
  • Best Energy Efficiency
  • Best Sustainability Practices