This category is open to individual players working in the non-ferrous metal industry. They will be judged on basis of their contribution to the company, as well as the industry, in their respective fields. The judges will look at the contributions by the individuals and the transformation in the company’s operations as a result of the decisions and initiatives taken by the individual. The senior most management of the company should corroborate the statements.

Under this category, one award has been proposed for each of the following categories:

a. Lifetime achievement (Jury Award)
b. CEO of the year – maybe 2 based on application received
c. Young Entrepreneur (Emerging Company)

  • Life-time achievement (Jury Award)
    Open to any member of the industry who has made an outstanding contribution to the development and future of the metals sector in the course of his or her career. Nominees may include: business leaders, politicians, regulators, community activists, economists, engineers, trading and financial managers, technology specialists and others.This award is for those who have consistently made the tough decisions that paid off for an entire organization or the industry at large. Entrants will have a deep dossier from all roles, consistently setting a new standard of industry excellence across all classifications and criteria.
    Nominations from individuals’ employers, customers, peers and colleagues will be accepted.
    The winner’s achievements will be the product of a long and varied career of service, creativity, and insight, and this individual will have won widespread recognition and respect on the global stage.
    This award will be a Jury award. While nominations are encouraged in order to consider competitive evaluation of the candidates. However, being a Jury award, it may be given to a person without nomination.

    Specific Judging Criteria:

    • Achievements & Vision
    • Integrity & Leadership
    • Testimonials
    • Peer recognition
    • Strategic Vision
  • CEO of the Year
    Open to all CEOs in and around the non-ferrous metal industry.

    For a CEO to win, he or she needs to have consistently demonstrated clarity of vision, judgment and motivational skills. He or she must be an effective communicator, articulating their ideals, vision and integrity; thus, transforming and empowering organizations. The winner will be a leader who is highly respected by both peers and competitors, admired and followed by employees, trusted by investors and welcomed by the community.

    This award recognizes an individual who has taken decisive action when required, and who has best adapted to market shifts by balancing long-term growth with short-term challenges.

    The independent panel of judges will consider a CEOs entire track record, with particular attention focused on that individual’s accomplishments.

    Specific Judging Criteria:

    • Testimonials/ Peer recognition
    • Strategic vision
    • Contribution to the company/achievements
    • Initiatives taken
    • Contribution to the industry
    • Resume/ Profile
  • Young Entrepreneur
    This category is open to young entrepreneurs of all emerging companies (turnover of less than Rs 500 Cr) in the non-ferrous metal industry. The judges will consider entrepreneurs from all segments of the industry. Besides being young, the entrepreneurs should have demonstrated successful leadership qualities and made substantial contribution in the company’s business operations. Financial targets achieved and overall contribution in terms of business acquisitions and management practices employed by the entrepreneur will be considered while judging this category

    Only 1st Generation Companies allowed under this category

    Specific Judging Criteria:

    • Young age (<36)
    • 3 year trend in revenue, Op. Profit, PAT, TAX, RoE, RoI
    • 3 year trend in capacity, production, sales volume
    • Value addition in the company
    • Initiatives taken
    • Strategic Vision
    • Recommendations/ Testimonials from Peers