This category is open to all emerging companies (turnover of less than Rs 500 Cr) in the non-ferrous metal industry. The judges will look at the growth rate of the company within its area of operation as compared to the growth registered by the other market players. Financial performance of the company, along with market growth, will be taken into consideration by the judges.

Open to metals producers, processors, equipment manufacturers, recyclers, technology providers and any others contributing to the metals value chain. The judges may sub categorize as per Metals (Aluminium, Copper, Other Metals).

The world of metals is filled with companies that exhibit an entrepreneurial spirit of advancing new technologies, transforming markets and re-evaluating established traditions in order to move the industry forward.

The Fastest Growing Award recognizes the achievements of either a genuine startup business or an existing business that may have moved into a new field. Disrupting a new space in an already crowded industry takes guts, superior execution, brilliant marketing and a nimble organization.

Entrants might include, companies with a regional or country focus that have successfully positioned themselves on the world stage, engineering or trading startups, businesses that have moved their entire focus upstream or downstream within a given industry, or those who have grown exponentially by pushing beyond the technological status quo.

Specific Judging Criteria:

  • 3 Year trend in financial details (Revenue, Op. Profit, PAT)
  • 3 Year trend in non-financial details (Capacity, Production, Sales Volume)
  • Expected growth over the next 5 years