Non-ferrous metal sector is an industrial sector, with most operations being done in plants and project sites. Hence, it is important for the companies to invest in a sound safety system to ensure safety of its resources, amongst which the manpower being the most important. The judges in this category will consider the safety practices employed by the companies, its efficiency and the number of accidents/incidents related to safety happened in the companies. Industrial safety across the non-ferrous metal industry companies is the focus of this award and all aspects of the same will be considered while judging it.

This category is to also judge the non-ferrous metal industry companies, based on their contribution to the society. The corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities of the companies will be evaluated and compared to consider the contribution of best CSR practices towards overall sustainability.

The independent judging panel will look for best practices in both Safety and CSR to recognize the best in sustainability practice.

Specific Judging Criteria:

  • Accidents/ breaches statistics
  • Overall safety & CSR and Environment policy/ strategy
  • CSR spend as profit % (min 2 year trend)
  • CSR categories served
  • CSR benefit to community
  • Best safety practices used (incl. employee involvement)