There has been ever increasing need for environment management, both in India as well as globally and energy sector has been at the forefront of the discussion. Apart from the environment angle, the supply of energy has not been able to keep pace with the strong growth in demand over the past many years.While there always existed alternate source of energy in the form of wind energy, solar energy and others, the higher capital cost and utilization aspects remained kind of deterrents up till now.

Thankfully, the time has changed with efforts of both suppliers and technology providers as well as the conscious end-users leading to significant decline in cost of renewable energy. This award seeks to recognize and encourage such companies in non-ferrous metal industries who have adopted such renewable energy initiatives and contributed to the environment sustainability.

The judges will look at the initiatives of the companies in adopting renewable sources of energy and the extent thereof.

Specific Judging Criteria:

  • Capacity of renewable energy plant
  • Share of renewable energy in total energy consumption
  • Future improvement plans