This category is open to all emerging companies (turnover of less than Rs 500 Cr) in the non-ferrous metal industry. Historically, a major hindrance to effective energy management has been simply identifying the problems that are costing the most money so they can be addressed. To overcome that obstacle, data and analytics are today playing a starring role in energy management. Technology now helps manufacturing and plant facilities conduct audits that bring to life patterns showing how energy is misspent – whether from equipment in need of tune-up or repair, or “operator errors” like lights left on or thermostats set incorrectly. By gleaning insights like these, industrial businesses have the tools and information to prioritize limited resources for immediate results.

Keeping in line with the recognition of environment-friendly practices under the awards, Mtlexs has panned this category to award best practices in the energy efficiency employed by non-ferrous metal companies. The companies will be judged on their energy usage compared to their output. The judges will be looking at companies employing most energy efficient practices.

Specific Judging Criteria:

  • Best practices in Energy Efficiency
  • Efficiency parameters (energy per unit production)
  • Process differentiation
  • Usage of other utilities
  • Future plans under progress